Are these paintings?

These are not paintings. Matches By Memory creates modern art through custom photography and digital illustrations. Whether it’s a restaurant, bar, sports team, city, college, fashion brand, or your favorite band we create personalized statement making art!


Do I need to provide matchbooks if I am placing a custom order?

Nope! The idea is that the matches in your piece will look like they are from places you wish you had them from – where you were for some of your favorite memories.


What is the typical turn-around time on custom art?

The typical turn-around time on a custom art order may vary and is dependent on the number of matches in your piece. Please allow 6-8 weeks minimum for the creation of your art. If you have a desired ‘in-hand’ date you would like to receive your order by please note that at checkout. We will do our best to accommodate!


Will I get to see a proof of my custom art?

Yes! You will be sent a proof of your art roughly 2 weeks before the guaranteed delivery time. Revision requests like incorrect address or phone number on the matchbook will always be made.

We consider the following when making your artwork – the visual identities for brands chosen for the matchbooks (ex: Miami Dolphins matchbook will be orange/teal), your design notes, and the aesthetic of the artwork as a whole.

Please note, the first layer of the artwork is custom photography, so changing the color of a matchbook or the matches is not as easy as clicking a button. We have included an ‘Additional Notes’ section in the custom order form and HIGHLY encourage you to fill this out. Please let us know from the start if there is a color you dislike and don’t want to see in your art or if there is a color you love and would like to see included.

We do our best to make your art something that makes you smile!


How long do revisions on custom art take?

Revision timing is dependent upon the change being requested. We aim to complete revisions 2-3 days from when your request was sent and confirmed.


What is 'Photo Reference & Inspiration' section on the custom order page and do I need to upload something?

This is a place for you to upload any photo references you would like us to have while creating your art. This could be a photo of a matchbook you have that you want replicated in your art or your favorite restaurants logo. You can even upload something you saw on our instagram or site you would like replicated in your piece. This is not mandatory just an opportunity to share some additional insights with us.


When placing a custom order for a multiple matchbook piece does it matter what order I put the matchbooks in the form? For example should I put my favorite location or memory as Matchbook #1?

It does not matter what order you put the matchbook information into your custom order form. The arrangement of matchbooks on your final work is determined by Matches By Memory. Please keep in mind, as artists we have an eye for aesthetic and strive to bring you the highest quality work. To us all of your memories are important and we promise to make them all shine!


How is 'Featured Seasonal Art' different from ‘Custom Art’?

Featured Seasonal Art differs from Custom Art in that it is available to purchase as is. The turnaround time on getting a featured work is shorter than that of a custom piece as the art is already finalized and available in our unframed option only. If you see a featured work that speaks to you and your memories we recommend purchasing on sight. As the name suggests 'seasonal' works will only be available for a limited time before new works are featured.


What is your return policy?

All art work is non-refundable. Being that we will contact you during the design process for your approval and collaboration on custom art this is not able to be cancelled once it has gone into production on our end.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide!